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Chuck Prophet : Let Freedom Ring!


AllMusic Review by j. poet
On his latest offering, Chuck Prophet takes on the recent financial meltdown, albeit in his usual, oblique way. The band is a stripped-down foursome with Prophet on vocals and guitar, second guitarist Tom Ayers, bassist Rusty Miller, and drummer Boom Carter, but they bring a surprisingly diverse palette of sound to these 11 tunes.

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“What Can a Mother Do” is a shuffling folk-rock tune that scopes out the lives of two losers facing diminished expectations — a girl who’s “unwanted in 17 states”, and a teenage father with three kids trying to make ends meet while in the service. “Barely Exist” is even bleaker, a dark, bluesy tone poem that reads like a postcard from Desolation Row peopled with folks who have big dreams but drink asbestos in their Kool Aid. “Let Freedom Ring” is a country rocker, a dark portrait of the modern American nightmare that contrasts the struggle of the poor with the heartless parties of the haves. “American Man” sounds like a distant cousin of the Stones “Street Fightin’ Man”; an anthemic surrealistic rant full of clanging guitars and whooping harmonies. But all is not lost. Prophet leavens his cynicism with several shots of frantic rock & roll. “Good Time Crowd” is a jaunty rocker full of manic energy, a surf tune that rides a giddy tidal wave of energy. “Hot Talk” conflates sex, power, capitalism, and the sensationalist media with its jaded tongue firmly in cheek, while “Leave the Window Open” is a dreamy ballad that celebrates the simple pleasures money can’t buy. It closes the album on a hopeful note with Prophet turning in an achingly soulful vocal.


Sonny Liston’s Blues
What Can A Mother Do
Where The Hell Is Henry?
Let Freedom Ring!
You And Me Baby (Holdin On)
American Man
Barely Exist
Hot Talk
Love Won’t Keep Us Apart
Good Time Crowd
Leave The Window Open


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