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Chico Hamilton – El Chico


The titles on this LP are well balanced between compositions by Chico Hamilton himself and film and musical hits. People, for example, is from Funny Girl with Barbra Streisand. This is Chico Hamilton’s first album with Latin percussion and it is to his credit that he was able to get hold of one of the very best musicians as support, namely Willie Bobo.
“El Chico”, the boy who wanders the streets, offering his wares in a loud voice, is the title of the album. But shouting out the virtues of his wares was not for Chico Hamilton and so this album has remained a real hot tip. Luckily things have changed! Latin rhythms are all the rage these days, especially when played by Chico Hamilton and his septet and offered in such excellent quality as on this re-release.

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Jazz drummers from the West Coast, whether we are talking about Shelly Manne, Mel Lewis or Chuck Flores, had few opportunities to demonstrate the whole range of their art. And the Chico Hamilton formations of the Fifties were no exception. It was only with the mixture of jazz and Latin music as performed by the new Chico Hamilton Formation in 1965 that percussionists came into the limelight.
The Hungarian Gabor Szabo and his electric guitar must surely have been the second great discovery for many jazz fans. Imbued with the adaptability and flexibility of his native land, he was even able to set his own hallmark in the field of Latin-American music.


1. El Chico
2. People
3. Marcheta
4. This Dream
1. Conquistadores
2. El Moors
3. Strange
4. Helena


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