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Chet Baker – Chet Baker Sings


The specialist quickly finds a set of clichés and settles down to turning them out ad nauseam…..The rebel simply does what the word implies – he rebels. And he usually ends up by talking to himself. The rebel is out on a limb, for he doesn’t want security – he is happy just in being a non-conformist. And because he speaks to our deepest and most basic need – the necessity of being able to think and feel as human being s who are individuals and yet part of one another – we are enthralled – and such an artist is the remarkable young man, Chet Baker.


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The complementing talents of Chet Baker both as a trumpet player and as a singer are now well known. Both his trumpet and voice seem to be extensions of the same musical personality, and once you’ve become familiar with both facets of Baker, you expect to hear them both.

However, this album was a revelation at the time and won Baker new fame and a new audience, which was less familiar with jazz than with pop music. The reasons are quite clear: Chet’s voice is tender and beautiful, and at the same time his phrasing always swings and surprises.


1. That Old Feeling
2. It’s Always You
3. Like Someone In Love
4. My Ideal
5. I’ve Never Been n Love Before
6. My Buddy
1. But Not For Me
2. Time After Time
3. I Get Along Without You Very Well
4. My Funny Valentine
5. There Will Never Be Another You
6. The Thrill Is Gone
7. I fall In Love Too Easily
8. Look For The Silver Lining



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