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Chet Atkins : Atkins in Hollywood

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So what can we tell you about CHET ATKINS IN HOLLYWOOD?  We’ll leave the three-syllable adjectives to the press agents and just say that Chet Atkins’ West Coast album is merely “posh”. Now, “posh” according to the dictionary is a slang term meaning: smart, rich, fine, splendid. Slang or not, it describes exactly Chet’s first musical venture in the land of the starlet and swimming pool.

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If the cover of At Home evokes the 1950s, the music on In Hollywood is the 1950s: a warm, cozy, sophisticated album of mood music in the best sense. Yet this is not an album of film music (though a handful of film themes turn up). Rather, it is exactly what the title indicates: Chet Atkins recording an album in a Hollywood studio, as opposed to the familiar haunts of Nashville. Here, he places his often affectingly lovely guitar licks in front of full, lush background.

1. Armen’s Theme
2. Let It Be Me
3. Theme from “Picnic”
4. Theme from a Dream
5. Estrellita
6. Jitterbug Waltz
1. Little Old Lady
2. Limelight
3. The Three Bells
4. Santa Lucia
5. Greensleeves
6. Meet Mr. Callaghan


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