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Booker Little – Out Front


In OUT FRONT, Booker Little is actually not At all “far out” in the usual sense of that term. He is, on the contrary, a strongly self-disciplined creator of forms that follow his own inner feelings. There is in his work as player and composer a rare and stimulating combination of sense and sensibility, clarity and daring.

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Booker Little was the first trumpet soloist to emerge in jazz after the death of Clifford Brown to have his own sound. His tragically brief life (he died at age 23 later in 1961) cut short what would have certainly been a major career. This is supremely soulful modern jazz and one of his best albums ever as a leader. The album’s got a tremendous feel from the very first note and there are many strong moments during these consistently challenging and satisfying performances. He had a bold jazz vision that makes us miss his talents even more strongly than before!


1. We Speak
2. Strength and Sanity
3. Quiet Please
4. Moods In Free Time
5. Man Of Words
6. Hazy Hues
7. A New Day


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