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Booker Ervin – That’s It!


All the originals are by Booker. He named the opener MOJO (a vintage voodoo charm) because the song connoted to him “a feeling of mystery, of out-of-the-ordinary power.” Contributing to that feeling is the fact that the piece is played in two keys simultaneously-the pianist is in one, and Booker and Tucker are in the other.

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Booker Ervin, who always had a very unique sound on the tenor, is heard in prime form on this quartet set. In virtually all cases, the jazz and blues musicians who recorded for Candid in 1960-61 (during its original brief existence) were inspired and played more creatively than they did for other labels. That fact is true for Ervin, even if he never made an indifferent record. In addition to “Poinciana” and “Speak Low,” Ervin’s quartet (which was a regular if short-lived group) performs four of the leader’s originals; best known is “Booker’s Blues.”


1. Mojo
2. Uranus
3. Poinciana
1. Speak Low
2. Booker’s Blues
3. Boo


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