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Billie Holiday – At Storyville


One thing is clear from the opening I Cover The Waterfront Billie is in full control of herself and in magnificent voice.  She is relaxed and confident, as if Wein’s magic has worked once again in giving her the musical surroundings she wants.  Lady Day captured live at her prime in 1951 & 1953 Showcasing unique sets at Storyville in Boston.

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If the world could hear every single recording ever made by one vocalist, picking Billie Holiday to make such a fantasy come true would be a stellar choice. For evidence, consider the extremely sought-after “At Storyville”, a collection assembled from the iconic singer’s 1951 and 1953 performances at the Boston nightclub. Holiday sinks into each song with unfettered emotion, her relaxed approach drawing out myriad shades and expressiveness, her command of tempo and feeling simply extraordinary. She’s backed on several songs by Stan Getz, yet her seductive delivery and intimate, deep timbre needn’t any help. This is one for the ages.
Originally released by the U.K. label Black Lion, an imprint that specialized in resurrecting rare gems from U.S. jazz and blues legends, “At Storyville” stands as a characteristic example of Holiday’s bold live presence and a can’t-miss opportunity for collectors and enthusiasts to get closer to the woman and her music. Orchestrated by ORG, this historical reissue is afforded the ultimate in audiophile production standards, resulting in sonics and presentation befitting the museum-like worth of this record’s existence.
Mastered from the original master tapes at Bernie Grundman Studios by Chris Bellman and pressed at Pallas, the 140-gram LP was curated by legendary engineer Steve Hoffman and eq’d by Grundman himself. A better team you cannot find; every step involved serious quality-control measures to guarantee gorgeous sound. The superb vinyl jacket features exclusive artwork. Indeed, this is what being a collector is all about.
Sure, the title may not be as widely known as some of Holiday’s other works, but this reissue preserves vital music that will be enjoyed by generations to come. Consider it a buried treasure that, miraculously, has resurfaced in better condition than that when it was originally made.


1. Introduction
2. I Cover The Waterfront
3. Too Marvelous For Words
4. I Loves You, Porgy
5. Them There Eyes
6. Willow, Weep For Me
7. I Only Have Eyes For You
8. You Go To My Head
1. He’s Funny That Way
2. Billie’s Blues
3. Miss Brown To You
4. Lover, Come Back To Me
5. Ain’t Nobody’s Business If I Do
6. You’re Driving Me Crazy


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