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Bill Evans Trio – Everybody Digs Bill Evans


Today’s Jazz world is a crowded, highly competitive marketplace in which it is difficult for the listener to avoid utter confusion, and all too easy for important talents to be lost someplace in the shuffle. Fortunately, it is no problem at all to arm Evans against the probability of such a fate.

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The Unusual cover of this album is designed to make completely clear one of the most startling facts about BILL EVANS: that this extraordinarily talented young pianist, although still virtually unknown to the jazz public, is already the object of a truly amasing degree of admiration and respect on the part of some of the most highly regarded of today’s jazz musicians.

A good share of the credit for getting Bill to feel prepared to record undoubtedly must go to the several months period that he spent during 1958 with Miles Davis’ sextet. The challenge and experience of working with that wailing group was most valuable. One extremely striking aspect of the Evans approach to the piano is his strong melodic sense. Bill is fundamentally a lyrical pianist, and according to Evans himself, he tended from the start to draw his concepts of both structure and “melodic feeling” less from other pianists than from horn men like Miles and Charlie Parker…


1. Minority
2. Young and Foolish
3. Lucky to Be Me
4. Night and Day
5. Epilogue
1. Tenderly
2. Peace Piece
3. What Is There to Say
4. Oleo
5. Epilogue


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