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Berlioz – Requiem

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A solo male tenor voice is featured in the ninth movement, the Sanctus. There are long held notes played by the flute. Women’s voices also sing, perhaps answering the tenor. Later, the low strings and cymbals join in. A full orchestral fugue ends the movement. In his original version, Berlioz requested ten tenors for the solo part. The final movement, containing the Agnus Dei and Communion sections of the Mass, features long held chords by the woodwinds and strings. The movement recapitulates melodies and effects from previous movements.

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This Requiem calls for immense instrumental and vocal resources used not only for power but also for the most subtle and varied refinement of color, and at times making distinct use of music heard to come from different directions. The main orchestra consists of four flutes, two oboes, two English horns, four clarinets, 12 horns, eight bassoons, four cornets, four tubas, 16 kettle drums, two bass drums, four tamtams, 10 cymbals and an enormous complement of strings.
In addition, in the Tuba mirum, Rex tremendae and Lacrymosa, four brass bands are arranged about the orchestra and emanate from the four points of the compass: North, consisting of four trumpets, four trombones and two tubas; East, of four trumpets and four trombones; West, of four trumpets and four trombones; and South, of four trumpets, four trombones, and four tubas. There are also two choruses and a tenor soloist, the latter was placed in the organ loft and is heard from a great distance from the original loudspeakers.

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