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Bartok – Dance Suite for Orchestra, Two Portraits


Bartók composed his Dance Suite as the result of a commission from the city fathers of Budapest to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the union of the two towns Pest and Buda. While on his travels, Bartók liked to collect old folksongs, and he used this opportunity to express the act of fraternity in his music in the manner of a hidden programme. As he himself stated, he made use of Arabian, Hungarian and Romanian influences in the Suite, whose dances are linked together by means of ritornello-like interludes.

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Glossiness in order to achieve romantic tonal magnificence is uncalled for here. Dorati’s conducting is orientated towards the archaic strength,and the dry and at times rustic nature of the Suite. He allows the orchestra to seethe, whistle and stamp, driven on by ever-changing rhythms which lend the work its impulsive urge.
Together with the highly expressive Portraits op. 5 and the two excerpts from Mikrokosmos, originally composed for the piano and heard here in an arrangement for orchestra by Tibor Serly, this compilation offers an excellent insight into Bartók’s musical thoughts and works.

Recording: Juni 1958 at Grosser Saal of Vienna Konzerthaus by C.Robert Fine
Production: Wilma Cozart
Date of Release: December 2006
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Dance Suite for Orchestra Sz 77/
Two Portraits For Orchestra Op. 5 Sz 37/
Two Excerpts from Mikrokosmos Sz 107, arranged by Tibor Serly: No. 117 Bourée, No. 142 From the Diary of a Fly
Erwin Ramor and the Philharmona Hungarica Orchestra conducted by Antal Dorati


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