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B B King – Singin’ the Blues


King’s vocals are exciting, playful and soulful; the horns are jumpin’ and the piano honky tonks that thang all the way home. A number of the songs contained on these first recordings went on to become B.B. King classics, performed and re-recorded down through the years, but here are the first fresh, hot-from-the-oven versions of such tunes as “Did You Ever Love A Woman,” “Every Day I Have The Blues” and “Sweet Little Angel.” This is home cookin’ and these are the original recipes.

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Singin’ The Blues” was issued as Crown 5020 in spring 1957 and featured some of B.B. King’s best-loved songs up to that point. The LP included four #1 R&B hits: “3 O’Clock Blues” and “You Know I Love You” (1952), “Please Love Me” (1953) and “You Upset Me Baby” (1954); four other top ten hits; plus “Blind Love” from 1953 and covers of Tampa Red’s “Crying Won’t Help You” (1955) and Gatemouth Moore’s “Did You Ever Love A Woman” from 1956. To fill out the album, a superior alternate take of “Sweet Little Angel” was included.

As John Broven observes in his notes: “In 1957 “Singin’ The Blues” gave the first real indication that B.B. King was destined to be a major star.” Absolutely seminal material; his classic hits.


1. Please Love Me
2. You Upset Me Baby
3. Every Day I Have The Blues
4. Bad Luck
5. 3 O’Clock Blues
6. Blind Love
1. Woke Up This Morning
2. you know I Love You
3. Sweet Little Angle
4. Ten Long Years
5. Did You Every Love A Women
6. Crying Won’t Help You


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