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Antill – Corroboree / Ginastera – Panambi

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In 1947, Sir Eugene Goossens gave the first performance of this composition that documents the Australian Aboriginal dance known as a “Corroboree”. This longplay record was cut directly from the original 35mm magnetic film using an “all tube” cutting system for maximum fidelity.

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Antill based his music on a live corroboree which he had witnessed as a child at Botany Bay. He made researches into Aboriginal music over many years, finally producing the present score in 1944. This was first heard in a concert version conducted by Eugene Goossens two years later. It was first danced as a complete ballet by the National Theatre Ballet. That was on 3 July 1950 with the composer conducting the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

1. Corroboree – Suite From The Ballet
1. Panambi – Suite From The Ballet


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