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Anthony Ortega – A Man and his Horns

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A four-song (side A) sampler from Anthony Ortega’s highly regarded album originally on Herald Records. Features Hank Jones, Ed Thigpen and Addison Farmer. Recorded by Rudy Van Gelder.


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Instrumental jazz has been Ortega’s life ever since, although his versatility has enabled him to work with such diverse singers as Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Johnny Hartman, Jose Feliciano and Tony Orlando. His credits also include playing on an array of film soundtracks (“Gloria,” “The Pawnbroker,” “An Unmarried Woman”) and TV series (“The Lucy Show,” “The Bobby Darin Show,” “The Red Foxx Comedy Hour”).

While there were challenges along the way, Ortega’s devotion to his craft has remained constant and unwavering.


1. Happy Day
2. Hand Full of Stars
1. Titoro
2. Memories of Spring


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