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A M – Future Sons & Daughters


A lot of musicians pay lip service to having a plethora of far-flung musical influences, but then you listen to their music and it sounds like they’ve done their best to avoid them at any cost. Citing artists as diverse as Jorge Ben, Brian Wilson, Sergio Mendes, and Curtis Mayfield, AM’s first UK album – “Future Sons & Daughters” – truly delivers on the sum of its parts.
At times sounding like Jim James of My Morning Jacket singing his way through Beck’s lost album between “Mutations” and “Midnite Vultures”, the record brings together the best of musical worlds, rippling through classic roots sounds: AM pop and rock, steamy soul and R&B, Brazilian tropicalia, British Invasion, and ‘60s Bay Area psychedelia.

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“Future Sons & Daughters” is a tantalizing glimpse at a promising future – pop. Recorded and produced by Charles Newman (Magnetic Fields), the record represents the full flowering of AM’s singular gifts: from the warm, sepia shaded hooks of album opener “A Complete Unknown” (with its addictive ‘Back and Forth’ refrain) to the soaring vocals and softly picked guitars of “Darker Days”.
AM didn’t make the album alone, however: “The band really delivered on this album”, he says. “Before we got together to go over the songs I made everyone in the band a hand-picked playlist of everything I had been digging on in the last year: obscure Italian soundtracks and Brazilian music, psychedelic Turkish folk, deep cut soul and groove.”
AM’s debut album, “Troubled Times” (only released in the US), was named one of the best indie albums of the year by iTunes (2006), and every song from the record was culled for use in American movies and TV shows, such as ABC’s “Brothers & Sisters” and MTV’s “The Hills”.


1. A Complete Unknown
2. The Other Side
3. It’s Been So Long
4. Darker Days
5. Self Preservation
6. Leavenworth
7. Grand Opinion
8. Fortunate Family Tree
9. When the Dust Settles
10. Jorge Ben
11. Endings Are Beginnings


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