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Ben Harper – Diamonds on the Inside

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Diamonds On the Inside is a 2003 album by American singer-songwriter Ben Harper. Although he did not explicitly credit the Innocent Criminals for the first time in 10 years, all the touring members continue to support him on the album. On this album, Harper brought on several new additions to his band, the first being guitarist Nicky Panicci (aka Nicky P) in 2002 who is the first guitar player to be credited on a Ben Harper record. Panicci toured with Harper on the Diamonds on the Inside Tour for almost a year. After leaving Harper’s band on his own accord, Marc Ford, formerly of The Black Crowes replaced Panicci and joined Harper’s band.

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AllMusic Review by MacKenzie Wilson

Ben Harper is a musical preacher of sorts, never one to be shy in speaking his mind about social conformity. If his first two albums — Welcome to the Cruel World and Fight for Your Mind — didn’t clue you in, Diamonds on the Inside will definitely do so. Diamonds on the Inside marks Harper’s fifth studio effort and this time he’s emotionally in touch with what makes his heart burst. This is a passionate album, no doubt. His signature Weissenborn guitar joins him once more and Harper’s classic groovy funk is heavy; however, Harper adds worldbeat to his musical plank. From the Marley-esque vibe of “With My Own Two Hands” to the African soundscapes of Ladysmith Black Mambazo on “Picture of Jesus,” Harper’s purist presentation is smooth. “When It’s Good” gives a little country blues twang, while “Touch From You Lust” is a sexy haze of writhing riffs. “Temporary Remedy” follows the funk Lenny Kravitz-style, and Harper’s a bit campy. It’s a noticeable change from his typically serious stature and a nice shift in personality, too. Diamonds on the Inside is another stunning effort from one of rock’s underground heroes. Harper has consistently worked with what appeals to him musically for nearly a decade, ignoring what fits the mainstream. Diamonds on the Inside is Harper’s sixth chapter of truth and just one listen to the electric blaze of “Everything” will convince you.


1. With My Own Two Hands
2. When It’s Good
3. Diamonds On The Inside
4. Touch From Your Lust
1. When She Believes
2. Brown Eyed Blues
3. Bring The Funk

1. Everything

2. Amen Omen

3. Temporary Remedy

4. So High So Low

1. Blessed To Be A Witness
2. Picture of Jesus
3. She’s Only Happy In The Sun


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