Jimmy Rushing – “Five feet of Soul”


Jimmy sings everything with soulful expression, including his own compositions which have become blues standards. His warm style always has a persistent and infectious vigor. His voice, if possible, gets better with each year, and, certainly, it grows younger. The (and anything else that he sings) gains new dimension when being rendered by Jimmy Rushing.

Rushing was a powerful singer who had a range from baritone to tenor. He could project his voice so that it soared over the horn and reed sections in a big-band setting. Basie claimed that Rushing “never had an equal” as a blues vocalist, though Rushing “really thought of himself as a ballad singer.” George Frazier, author of Harvard Blues, called Rushing’s distinctive voice “a magnificent gargle”. Dave Brubeck defined Rushing’s status among blues singers as “the daddy of them all.” Late in his life Rushing said of his singing style, “I don’t know what kind of blues singer you’d call me. I just sing ’em”

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Though Jimmy has been copied, no singer commands his authority in expressing the blues. Jimmy feels this is so because he sings with so much soul.
Mr. Five-By-Five further demonstrates the man could swing and sell a ballad, all with the same conviction and style.

AllMusic Review by John Bush
Just about to turn 60, Jimmy Rushing recorded his only LP for Colpix in early 1963 with a large group packed with Basie alumni (Freddie Green, Gus Johnson, Joe Newman, Snooky Young, Budd Johnson, Milt Hinton) as well as alto heroes Phil & Quill (aka Phil Woods and Gene Quill) and a pair of tenor mainstays, Zoot Sims and Al Cohn (Cohn actually arranged the date). Despite a host of solo voices (and egos) inherent to the session, Rushing managed the date with his usual good feeling. The songs, most of them ones he had never recorded before, are nevertheless great candidates for the Five-by-Five treatment; “Just Because” and “Heartaches” are especially good, Rushing giving the first a quick, inertia-filled performance, the latter a more graceful blues reading. He also airs a few of his own songs (“Please Come Back” and “Did You Ever”), slides his way through the Bessie Smith/Billie Holiday standard “‘Tain’t Nobody’s Bizness If I Do,” and reclaims Clarence Williams’ blues standard “My Bucket’s Got a Hole in It” from the country audience that had latched onto it. Rushing does betray a sign of his age — his power in holding lines is obviously diminished from his mid-’50s records with Columbia — but his joyous sense of swing comes through clearly.


1. Just Because
2. ‘Tain’t Nobody’s Biz-ness If I do
3. Heartaches
4. I’m Walkin’ Through Heaven With You
5. Trouble In Mind
1. Oooh! Look-a-there Ain’t She Pretty
2. Please Come Back
3. You Always Hurt The One You Love
4. Did You Ever
5. My Bucket’s Got A Hole In It


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