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The Rolling Stones – Out of Our Heads UK

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In 1965, the Stones finally proved themselves capable of writing classic rock singles that mined their R&B/blues roots, but updated them into a more guitar-based, thoroughly contemporary context. The first enduring Jagger-Richards classics are here — “The Last Time,” its menacing, folky B-side “Play With Fire,” and the riff-driven “Satisfaction,” which made them superstars in the States and defined their sound and rebellious attitude better than any other single song. On the rest of the album, they largely opted for mid-’60s soul covers.

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Most of Out of Our Heads comprises rhythm and blues cover songs. According to music critic Richie Unterberger, the album’s US release largely had soul covers and its “classic rock singles”, including “The Last Time”, “Play with Fire”, and “Satisfaction”, still drew on the band’s R&B and blues roots, but were updated to “a more guitar-based, thoroughly contemporary context.” Kent H. Benjamin of The Austin Chronicle wrote that the album was “the culmination of the Stones’ early soul/R&B sound” In his review of the album’s UK edition, Allmusic, Bruce Eder characterised it as rock and roll and R&B.


1. She Said “Yeah”
2. Mercy, Mercy
3. Hitch Hike
4. That’s How Strong My Love Is
5. Good Times
6. Gotta Get Away
1. Talkin Bout You
2. Cry to Me
3. Oh, Baby (We Got a Good Thing Going)
4. Heat of Stone
5.The Under Assistant West Coast Promotion Man
6. I’m Free



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