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Eleanor McEvoy : I’d Rather Go Blonde


I’d Rather Go Blonde is the eight album in a 20-year career that has seen McEvoy establish herself as one of Ireland’s most accomplished singer/songwriters. Never one to shy away from the big issues, this album sees McEvoy tackling themes such as alienation, hypocrisy, recent Irish history and romance. The songs are typified by a lyrical élan and often leavened with a touch of humor – “For Avoidance Of Any Doubt” features a plaintive soul using her solicitor to berate an absent lover for not returning calls, and the title track is built around a phrase that just made McEvoy laugh.

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Its too easy to get lost in the enveloping, caressing sound of the latest release from McEvoy, only her eighth in 20 years, because she has a knack for delivering commercially appealing albums that just happen to possess audiophile-grade production values. Aurally, it’s a stunner. But then, so, too, is it musically arresting. This set ranges from the whimsical (the title track) to the sinister (“Deliver Me (From What You Do)”), all the material original save for one odd choice of cover material, Sam Cooke’s ‘Good Times’. And she delivers that with a mix of sexiness and zest. In every case, here voice is enticing, as if Alison Krauss had dropped an octave.


1. Look Like Me
2. Just For The Tourists
3. I’d Rather Go Blonde
4. Away From You
5. Deliver Me (From What You Do)
6. Shibboleth
1. Take You Home
2. The Thought Of You
3. Harbour
4. For Avoidance Of Any Doubt
5. Good Times


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