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Eddie Henderson : Comin’ Through


Some people trash this album, maybe because of its slight disco elements, but I find it quite an enjoyable mix with a good backing band, and with background vocals on a couple of tracks, the female singer a very young Dianne Reeves. It may be a case of trying to be too many things. There are some slow grooves as well as up-tempo numbers on this LP, the slow ones being haunting and beautiful. Eddie has other albums I have heard, some better, but I am happy to have this one in my collection as I love trumpet and Eddie is a fine trumpet player. And it’s not all a wash of jazz guy turned disco, in fact I hear more good jazz, especially on George Cables’ “Morning Song” and “Beyond Forever”. And the mournful slow “Connie” to finish the album is so far from disco they are invisible to each other. Still, for the purest jazz listener, stay away, for the purist funk or disco listener, stay away, but for those who can appreciate music, come on in.

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AllMusic Review by Richard S. Ginell
In 1977, Eddie Henderson slipped into the clutches of Capitol Records, which didn’t have much of a jazz division and predictably didn’t know how to showcase its adventurous new trumpeter. First and foremost, they thought they could turn him into a pop/disco star — and so, that idiot beat turns up on most of the tracks here (the exceptions are pianist George Cables’ thoughtful “Morning Song” and “Beyond Forever,” which harken back a bit to the jazzier Henderson of only a few years before, and a quietly uneventful duet with Cables on “Connie”). The funk band on patrol is stoked with able pros, there are background vocals on a couple of tracks (the female singer is the very young Dianne Reeves), and Henderson overdubs his horn on the cliched period brass choruses. But the deadliest element here is the mostly mediocre material that Henderson must work with, and thus, his occasionally lost-sounding horn is largely spent on lost causes. Hard to find, which is just as well.


Say You Will
Open Eyes
Morning Song
Movin’ On
The Funk Surgeon
Beyond Forever


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