Hebraic Legacies : Aaron Rosand/John Covelli
Hebraic Legacies : Aaron Rosand/John Covelli
Aaron Rosand - Internatonally acclaimed as one of the master violinists of our time, and is renowned as an artist of unique personal style. John Covelli - Combining symphony, opera, ballet and solo piano, John is one of the most versatile musicians on the podium of his day.
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Sale! Johnny Adams – sings Doc Pomus
Johnny Adams – sings Doc Pomus
Johnny Adams was always one of Doc Pomus' favorite singers - and not because of the tricks that he could put into his voice, but because of the feeling. That was what Doc's songs were all about. They never showed off, they never strained for self-conscious poetics, they didn't sacrifice specificity but at the same time frequently achieved a true universality.
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Sale! Van Morrison – Astral Weeks
Van Morrison – Astral Weeks
Mastered from the original analog master tapes by Kevin Grey at AcousTech Mastering and pressed on 180-gram vinyl. "…it obsoletes the original in almost every way…When you hear the new reissue, even if you've heard the original 100 times since it first came out, which would easily be me, you will almost jump out of your seat when you hear these familiar elements move from the shadows to the foreground…Astral Weeks, one of the great records of the rock era, is destined to become one of the great reissues of the post-CD/analog revival era." Music = 11/11, Sound = 10/11 – Michael Fremer, www.musicangle.com 1968's Astral Weeks remains not only Morrison's masterpiece but one of the greatest records ever made. A haunting, deeply personal collection of impressionistic folk-styled epics recorded by an all-star jazz backing unit including bassist Richard Davis and drummer Connie Kay, its poetic complexity earned critical raves but made only a minimal commercial impact.
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Van Morrison : Moondance
Van Morrison : Moondance
Long ago, Van Morrison reached that point where the influences on his music no longer mattered. It is as pointless to attempt to detect those influences as it would be for any musician to try to imitate him.
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