Chet Baker – Chet Baker Sings
Chet Baker – Chet Baker Sings
The specialist quickly finds a set of clichés and settles down to turning them out ad nauseam…..The rebel simply does what the word implies - he rebels. And he usually ends up by talking to himself. The rebel is out on a limb, for he doesn’t want security - he is happy just in being a non-conformist. And because he speaks to our deepest and most basic need - the necessity of being able to think and feel as human being s who are individuals and yet part of one another - we are enthralled - and such an artist is the remarkable young man, Chet Baker.  
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Sale! The Who : Sell Out
The Who : Sell Out
Townshend originally planned this as a concept album of sorts that would simultaneously mock and pay tribute to pirate radio stations. Includes Psychedelic Poster
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