Sale! R L Burnside – First Recordings
R L Burnside – First Recordings
Robert Lee Burnside, known as R. L. Burnside (November 23, 1926 – September 1, 2005) was an American blues singer, songwriter, and guitarist. He played music for much of his life but received little recognition before the early 1990s. In the latter half of the decade, Burnside recorded and toured with Jon Spencer, garnering crossover appeal and introducing his music to a new fan base in the punk and garage rock scene.
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Sale! R. L. Burnside – Too Bad Jim
R. L. Burnside – Too Bad Jim
There are also a couple of choice Burnside solo pieces on the album. His particularly haunting rendition of "Death Bell Blues" and "Miss Glory B.," in which his guitar becomes an aching extension of his voice, makes certain that personal pain overrides any sense of pleasure on Too Bad Jim. Today, when many blues artists are slicking up their sound to the point that it slips right through our hands, the blues has rarely sounded so emotionally driven and honest as it does here. Too Bad Jim is just too good to fall by the wayside.
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