Sale! Dexter Gordon – One Flight Up
Dexter Gordon – One Flight Up
"Cisco Music's vinyl reissue sounds intensely immediate, natural, and palpably "there." Taylor's drums are upfront and relentlessly insistent; Gordon's sax has a wispy, throaty, reverb-encased sound; Pedersen's bass lays deep, earthy, yet elastic roots; Drew's piano is solid yet impressionistic, and Byrd's trumpet is all spit-polished, warm brass. Hands-down, one of the audiophile label's finest efforts." - Wayne Garcia, TAS January 2008
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Hebraic Legacies : Aaron Rosand/John Covelli
Hebraic Legacies : Aaron Rosand/John Covelli
Aaron Rosand - Internatonally acclaimed as one of the master violinists of our time, and is renowned as an artist of unique personal style. John Covelli - Combining symphony, opera, ballet and solo piano, John is one of the most versatile musicians on the podium of his day.
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Ilona Knopfler – Live The Life
Ilona Knopfler – Live The Life
On her sophomore recording, Live the Life, Ilona captivates with fresh takes on classic tunes by Thomas A. Dorsey, Thelonius Monk, Ivan Lins, Michel LeGrand, Abbey Lincoln and many more. The album features an all-star musical line-up including Allain Mallett on piano, Rufus Reed on bass, Antonio Hart on alto sax, Darmon Meader on tenor sax, Paquito D’rivera on clarinet, Kim Nazarian on background vocals and Sean Jones on trumpet.  
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Sale! June Christy – Something Cool
June Christy – Something Cool
If you are one of the cats who bought this record in the 50's the sound of Cisco's new record will jar your senses. With all the benefits of state-of-the-art mastering and the improved pressing on silent "HQ 180" vinyl, the new Something Cool is truly something special!  
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Sale! The Mystic Moods Orchestra – Another Stormy Night
The Mystic Moods Orchestra – Another Stormy Night
Another Stormy Night features a potpourri of the most popular music from the earliest albums, sequenced in a very special way to create yet another fabulous mystic mood encounter. It is truly a most pleasurable listening experience and now available for the first time in HQ 180-gram LP.
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