Intamusic Imports was established in Tauranga, New Zealand in 2008 to deliver fast and affordable vinyl
records to customers in Australia and New Zealand. With a low cost freight, no matter how many records
bought at one time. A boutique Jazz and Classical shop, born out of Jims Music Room in Grey Street, Tauranga.
At one time an icon for over 35+ years.
Intamusic contains audiophile vinyl records from the world’s best recording artists and manufacturers. Our
Australasian site has been specifically set up for our buyers of vinyl records in Australia and New Zealand, 180
gram vinyl records, 200 gram vinyl records, super audio compact disc (SACD), extended resolution compact
discs (XRCD) and HiFi Equipment.
Audiophile Vinyl records,180gram, 200 gram, 45rpms, Yamamoto Preamps and amps, Graham Tonearms.